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Giclée Meaning and Technique

The Giclée Art Print is a new and contemporary method of printing that meets the highest requirements of artists, museums and art collectors. This ranks the Giclée Art Print with the more common, traditional graphic techniques such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography.

Produced with the most modern techniques, Giclée prints are the highest quality prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original two-dimensional artwork, photographs, computer graphics or computer generated imagery.
Giclée inkjet printing is a cooperation of the artist and the printmaker, which allows the artist to control every part of the printmaking process.

What does the word Giclée mean?

It is a French term and means to squirt. A Giclée Print is now associated with the highest quality inkjet printing technique.
True Giclée prints are produced with a very high resolution (1200dpi minimal to 2400 dpi) and are printed with precious archival inks on acid-free materials. The canvas and papers have been provided with a layer (coating), which ensures that the inks will not degrade.

Somerset Satin – 300g matt archive art paper

Developed to give creative artists a fine art inkjet paper with excellent colour rendition. The superior inkjet coating gives amazing detail on an exquisite smooth matte surface, with subtle hints of surface texture.
These papers are traditionally mould made from 100% cotton, to high archival standards, providing a paper with a genuine heritage.

  • hard, stiff structure
  • natural white base
  • smooth neutral surface

Certificate of Authenticity

A Giclée art print’s key authenticating element is the artist’s own handwritten signature, similar to all painted or drawn arts. Numbering each copy of an edition is also very important. The certificate is the licence letter made for the art print. It contains the identification data of the print and the edition, including a statement by the artist and the publisher that no more copies will be printed as described. The certificate records the printing dates of the first and the current copy.

All edition prints made by Pigmenta Imaging Center are registered. They register all printed copies of editions to ensure the continuous numbering and control of the work. This administration is made as Pigmenta Publishing. A matching holographic sticker correlating to the associated certificate is placed on the back of every edition. The sticker shows their logo and a serial number.

The certificates are designed with special graphic objects used on banknotes. They show all information about the print and the edition in Hungarian and English and hold the signatures of Dániel and the representative of Pigmenta Publishing together with their stamp and holographic sticker.