Dániel Taylor is an artist from Budapest, Hungary. Following a creative upbringing, Dániel discovered Photoshop and digital drawing at the age of 14 and decided to pursue his passion for art, with the eventual aim of making it his sole profession. After several years he achieved this ambition, and has been a full-time practising artist since 2015.

Surrealism is at the heart of Dániel’s work, and he enjoys the challenge of establishing its presence even as he varies his technique and approach. His work ranges from simple black and white sketches to colourful, vibrant images.

He derives much of his inspiration from older comic book art, particularly in the genre of Science Fiction, and modern digital illustrators.

Previous clients include Adobe, Playboy, Marvel, Mondo, Brewdog, Metaleap Creative, New Scientist, Outside Magazine, Shedworks (Sable), Thatgamecompany, Bottleneck Gallery, Galerie Sakura, Cook & Becker, The Boxtones, Stroke Art Fair and Digital Decade.

Represented worldwide by Début Art. Enquiries should please be made to info@debutart.com.

London office: +44 (0)20 7636 1064.
New York office: +1 212 995 5044




Amazing Surreal Artwork by Dániel Taylor – Fubiz

Double Exposure Abstract Silhouettes – Fubiz 

Negative Portraits Using a Galaxy Color Palette – Fubiz

Smoky Double Exposure Animal Illustrations – Fubiz

Flowery Birds Illustrations – Fubiz


Inktober Illustrations (2018)



Juniqe – Happy Hour with Dániel Taylor

Good Taste Mag

Digital Arts Online

Funzine (2019)


2017 – Digital Decade V. (London, UK)

2018 – Stroke Art Fair (Munich, Germany)

2018 – Galerie Sakura – Lost In Space (Paris, France)



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